High School on a Ship
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Faculty and staff

Image of Tim Grady

Tim Grady

Head of School

Mr. Grady brings a wealth of experience to A+ World Academy. He has more than 20 years of experience that spans teaching, administration,
business, and work as
a solutions specialist.
 His interests extend from sailing to theatre arts, creative writing to I.T., and travel to rugby. He is also very familiar with school learning systems such as ours (CANVAS) and a host of other web-based learning software/resources. Mr. Grady’s additional professional training includes: instructional leadership, strategic planning, performance assessment and curriculum development. He is a recognized fellow of several major institutions including the Institute for Educational Leadership and Yale University.


Image of Dr. Kevin Kessler

Dr. Kevin Kessler

Director of Education & Assistant Head of School

Dr. Kessler holds a Doctorate in Educational Leadership and is a Senior Educational Adviser for Johns Hopkins University's School of Education. He has 14 years of experience in education as both a teacher and a leader. His educational focus has been on Personalized & Blended Learning strategies to meet the needs of learners at every level and he continues his academic research as a research fellow for Michigan Virtual and serves as a facilitator for Quality Matters, Inc. His breadth of experience in education and the depth of his care and concern for academic excellence supports the A+ World Academy's mission and focus.


Image of Maria Mora

Maria Mora

Associate Director of Admission

Ms. Mora is originally from Venezuela, bilingual in English and Spanish. She has a MA in Corporate Communication from the IE Business School in Madrid. She has more than 4 years of experience working in admission for different institutions in the Unites States.


Image of Cecilia Ciceraro

Cecilia Ciceraro

Dean of Students and Faculty, Chemistry & Biology

Ms. Ciceraro’s first degree was in International Relations and Political Science which is, of course, an excellent base for being a member of the A+ Faculty. Later, Ms. Ciceraro turned to Biochemistry and to Chemistry and she holds both a Bachelor of Science degree and Masters of Education degree in those fields. Ms. Ciceraro brings 4 years of experience as a teacher of chemistry at both the College and senior high school levels. Ms. Ciceraro has done Biochemical research. She has also worked as an IT Consultant and as a Laboratory Assistant.

Image of Dr. Jérôme Philippe Coss

Dr. Jérôme Philippe Coss

Faculty, Physics, Mathematics & Calculus

Dr. Philippe is an experienced Mathematics and Physics instructor who, over a 17 year career in education, has taught both International Baccalaureate and Advanced Placement Math and Physics courses. Dr. Philippe holds a Doctorate in Physics from the University of Lyons, France, a Masters in Physics from University of Clermont-Ferrand, France, a Bachelor of Physics from the University of Grenoble, France and a Masters degree in Journalism from the University of Paris, France. He is fully fluent in English, French, and Spanish. Dr. Coss has taught in 6 countries outside of his native France; he is also an accomplished photographer having captured 282 UNESCO World Heritage sites. As a researcher, Dr. Philippe has had equally exciting and formative experiences around the world: in High Energy Physics and Particle Physics he collaborated in several experiments in famous laboratories such as: Stanford Linear Accelerator Center (USA), Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory (USA), European Organization for Nuclear Research, (known as CERN), Switzerland, and the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (Russia.

Image of Emily Waugh

Emily Waugh

Faculty, English & ESL

Ms. Waugh came to the field of education following 5 years in the United States Navy. She graduated from Annapolis as an Officer with a degree in English literature and has pursued certification in the teaching of English & ESL at Boston Academy. Since then, Ms. Waugh has taught in Hong Kong, Thailand, and the United States. She also successfully completed, as part of her naval training, the rigorous National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS). Ms. Waugh is excited to explore connections between literature and our culturally diverse itinerary; the opportunity to unite three of her passions: the sea, travel, and teaching. Interests to share with students include; scuba diving, reading, hiking, volleyball and softball.

Image of Antonio Melgar

Antonio Melgar

Faculty, Spanish & Mandarin

Mr. Melgar, a native of Peru, brings 15 years of teaching experience to his assignments. A former professor at LaSalle University and teacher at the Cebu International School and Kings Academy, Mr. Melgar was a full scholarship recipient at the University of Taiwan and has taught Mandarin for the past two years. Mr. Melgar has countless interests to share with A+ students and these interests are quite diverse: magic, fencing, green initiatives, drama, Round Square, and performing arts, to mention just a few. Mr. Melgar is a trained AP Spanish instructor.

Image of Brandy Carriere

Brandy Carriere

Faculty, Mathematics & Communication and Digital Arts

Ms. Carriere brings 6 years of experience to her assignments, most recently, for 3 years as a teacher of History, Sociology and Psychology at the Canadian International School in Egypt. Miss Carriere is an avid photographer and adventurous world traveler. Her formal certifications, obtained at Carleton University, and the University of Ottawa, include History and Mathematics. She also attended a student exchange at Exeter University in the UK. Miss Carriere has experience teaching in 4 different countries, including many subcultures, so understanding cultural differences and English language learners is second nature to her.

Image of Brian Lisk

Brian Lisk

Social Science & History

Image of Alexandra Wiltshire

Alexandra Wiltshire


Alex has over 7 years of experience in the health industry after studying business and paramedicine. In the past she has worked for different institutions including the government of Nova Scotia, the University Health Network in Toronto, and others.

Image of Stine Bryn

Stine Bryn

Media Coordinator

Ms. Bryn has a Bachelor's degree in journalism from Volda University College. She has worked at NRK P1, the largest radio station in the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation. As well as working with radio, she has studied photography and video production at Griffith College in Ireland. When it comes to sailing, she has participated in Tall Ships Races several times, both as a trainee, a youth mentor and as a volunteer. Earlier this year she attended the Trainingship Danmark and graduated as a ship assistent and worked briefly on the Norwegian bark, Statsraad Lehmkuhl.

Image of Sune Blinkenberg

Sune Blinkenberg

Chief Operating Officer & Captain

Image of Sture Erichsen

Sture Erichsen


Image of Hallgeir Botnen

Hallgeir Botnen


Hallgeir has 23 years of maritime experience, half of the time on sailing vessels. He got educated to be a sailor on high school, and started working at an early age. He has worked on the Norwegian bark Statsraad Lehmkuhl, a NORLED ferry and Fullriggeren Sørlandet.

Image of Siri Botnen

Siri Botnen

Chief Mate

Image of Steffen Jensen

Steffen Jensen

Chief Mate

Steffen has 17 years of experience sailing from different types of vessels including containers ship for Maersk, yachts and tall ships such as the Sorlandet.

Image of Idalene Nielsen

Idalene Nielsen

Second Mate

Idalene is a graduate from a navigation school in Denmark and has 13 years of experience sailing from Danish schooners, Georg Stage and the Sorlandet.

Image of Niklas Poulsen

Niklas Poulsen

Second Mate

Niklas has 13 years of maritime experience. He attended the Training ship Danmark in 2004 and worked on a fishing vessel after that. He has also worked for DFDS, Fjordline, the schooner Activ, Hein Marine Diving firm and the Training ship Danmark.

Image of Agata Luczynska

Agata Luczynska

Third Mate

Agata has is a trained Biomedical Engineer and a graduate from a navigation school in the Netherlands. In the last 8 years she has sailed for different polish, british and dutch tall ships before joining the Sorlandet in 2015.

Image of Morten Sodefjed

Morten Sodefjed

Third Mate

Morten attended Kristiansand Maritime College in 2015 before he joined a cruise ship as an officer trainee/ cadet and later worked on fishing vessels. He has also participated as crew on the sailing vessel from Arendal, Boy Leslie.

Image of Simon Jensen

Simon Jensen

Chief Engineer

Simon has over 10 years of experience sailing. He was student and a quartermaster on Georg Stage, an AB on Statsraad Lehmkuhl and crew on ships carrying containers from Greenland. He joined the Sorlandet in 2013 as a bosun and now hold the position of chief engineer.

Image of Jose Fraile

Jose Fraile

Chief Engineer

Image of Tommy Skollevoll

Tommy Skollevoll


Tommy has 36 years of experience preparing food at sea. During that time he worked for Fred Olsen Cruise Lines, SeaBorn Cruise lines, supply vessels for the oil rigs in the North Sea and a year at his own landbased restaurant.

Image of Henning Andresen

Henning Andresen


Henning started sailing as a student on the Norwegian fully-rigged tall ship Christian Radich in 1975. He later joined the crew on tankers as a 2ndcook until 1981, when he started on the Sørlandet as a 1st cook. A year late he started working off-shore as a cook steward until 1990. He then moved to shore and ran his own restaurant for 11 years before returning to offshore, as a camp boss, in 2002. He rejoined the Sørlandet in 2016, now as a Chief Steward.

Image of Runar Gullhaug

Runar Gullhaug

Chief Steward

Image of Ann Dybdal Mousten

Ann Dybdal Mousten


Ann has been working as a cook for 7 years, the last two at sea. She has preciously worked in the Alps and onboard the school ship Denmark.

Image of Wysocki, Tomasz

Wysocki, Tomasz


Tomasz has his background from the Polish navy where he first started as a high school student. He then worked in the Polish navy for 5 years untill he moved on to the offshore industry. He started working as a Chief Cook on the Sørlandet in 2016.

Image of Mathias Hall

Mathias Hall


Mathias has been sailing for 7 years. He started as a trainee at Georg Stage and has since sailed for Georg Stage, Lilla Dan, DFDS shipping company and the school ship Denmark.

Image of Adrian Brask

Adrian Brask


Image of Ole Hedegaard

Ole Hedegaard

Able Seaman

Image of Jens Olav Østerdal

Jens Olav Østerdal

Able Seaman

Jens Olav has been working as maritime crew since 2011 and has since worked as an AB on ferried, as a student on Georg Stage and onboard the Sorlandet in 2014.

Image of Magnus Berliner

Magnus Berliner

Image of Benjamin Flatebø

Benjamin Flatebø

Image of Naja Dam

Naja Dam

Image of Mette Due

Mette Due

Ordinary Seaman

Mette is currently undertaking her second year on the Sorlandet. She has previously been a student onboard the school ship Denmark.

Image of Elias Staun Maurer

Elias Staun Maurer

Ordinary Seaman

Elias was a student at the Danish training ship Georg Stage in 2014. He has also worked as a volunteer on Sørlandet before being hired as an ordinary seaman.

Image of Reidun Johre

Reidun Johre

Chief Financial Officer

Image of Terry Davies

Terry Davies


Mr. Davies’ career in education extends over 40
years. During that time 
he served in both public and private education, as a teacher and as Head of School in
each of the 7 private high
schools that he founded - among them Class Afloat. Mr. Davies, currently a member of the Board of four private schools, is also a Trustee with Sail Training International, a Director of the Canadian Sail Training Association, and the former Vice-Chairman of Tall Ships America. Mr. Davies also owned and operated his own shipyard, where he design-built, for high school students, a Class A sail training ship.