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University Guidance and College Placements

We expect that the majority of our students who complete their final year of school on board the ship will go on to university studies.

Applying to university can be a lengthy and involved process, and the school will support you through all stages of your application. You will be expected to take a leading role in your application process, and will need to prioritize some shore leave time to do the required research and fill out your applications. Faculty, both on board the ship and on shore, will help you with references and of course find a university that fits your own needs and ambitions.

 This is how our university guidance process works:

  1. During the Course Selection Process we ask that students list potential universities of interest and fields of study. This information is then passed along to the Head of School and Dean of Students.
  1. Individual Counselling Session with the Head of School/Dean of Students will be held during the first weeks of the school year. Students will meet with the Dean individually to confirm the information in the course selection process, to help parents coordinate the application process, and to schedule SAT/ACT testing as required. We advise that ACT/SAT testing is done in the summer before or after the intended school year as time on board is demanding. Students and parents should make note of application deadlines and explore scholarship opportunities..
  1. In December and January the student should send off the required documentation to their prospective universities. Time will vary depending on the location of the university, so be sure to make a note of essential deadlines. To help facilitate the process, the school will need to receive a confirmation that the following documents have been sent: SAT/ACT results if required, transcripts, application, fees, essays, reference letters and personal statements.
  1. In February to May we will follow up track outcomes, provide continued support for transcript request and references as required. The final transcripts will be sent to destination colleges/universities in June.

Since the start in 2015 our alumni have been accepted at the following colleges and universities:





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