High School on a Ship
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How to apply

A+ World Academy admits students on a rolling basis, and we do not have an application deadline. Given that there are limited places available, we highly recommend that you apply as early as possible. However, you may submit an application any time until the ship is filled for the upcoming academic year. Once the school is full, there are no more spaces until the next academic year.

Documents that you will need when you apply

  • Academic Reference Form: You'll need this for the application process. Two teachers need to fill out this form before we can schedule an interview with you.
  • Application form: You will need to fill this out in order to apply. 

You may request information either by WhatsApp, email, phone, Facebook, Instagram, Facetime, or Skype. We will gladly set up a meeting to speak to you in person, over the phone or via Skype about the program, about life on board, and about the next steps in the application process. If you want to see the ship in one of the ports we visit, let us know ahead of time and we will try to schedule a tour for you.

You can apply following these three simple steps:

Step 1: Fill out the Application form

Get in touch with us to get all the information that you will need to make an informed decision . If you decide that high school at sea might be a good fit for you, fill out the application form and send it to us. The application will not be processed until a 150 euro application fee has been paid. 

You can transfer the application fee to A+ World Academy C/O The Sorlandet Foundation.

  • Account number: 30002598821
  • IBAN / ABA: NO0530002598821
  • Name of the Bank: Sparebanken Sor.
  • Address of bank: Postboks 200 4662 Kristiansand
  • Mark transfer with "application fee" and name of applicant. 

Step 2: Complete your application
Submit the following supporting documentation:

  • Report cards from the last two years
  • Two teacher recommendation forms that you can find here.
  • A 300 word essay on a global topic of your choice
  • Personal references (if available)
  • English level documentation (if available)

Step 3: Interview

When the application has been submitted (including all the supporting documents) and the application fee has been paid, an interview via Skype or Facetime will be set up. Once your interview is completed, we will try to have a decision to you as soon as possible, and no later than 2 weeks after all supporting documents have been received. If you are offered a place at our school, you may accept it by paying a 10% non-refundable deposit. 

Selection Criteria

A+ World Academy is a school with rigorous academics and a challenging maritime environment. A student will have to meet the following criteria in order to qualify;

  • Above average grades in all pre-university or core courses leading to university studies.
  • For students with English as a second language: Competency in English equal to or higher than C1 – (CEFR), 6,5 (IELTS) or 80 (TOEFL).
  • Healthy and physically fit, suited to the rigors of travel, study and work aboard a tall ship
  • Able to swim 200 meters non-stop and then, immediately, tred water for 20 minutes
  • Social and emotional maturity, able to work effectively in a team setting  
  • Successful interview.

We ask that you supply all available documentation during the application process. You may acquire a medical report form and a template for swimming competency here, or by contacting the Admissions department.

You are not required to take an IELTS, TOEFL or a CEFR test but a documented ability might help your application. If you have any references or documentation relating to community service or any other testament to your personal suitability please feel free to add this to your profile as it may help your application.


We aim to process and review applications as quickly as we can. Depending upon the time of year, we hope to pass along our decision within two weeks of completing Step 3.

Potential outcomes

 There are 4 possible outcomes to the application:

  1. The applicant is offered a place on the ship for the upcoming academic year.
  2. The applicant is placed on the wait list and will be offered admission, should a space become available.
  3. The applicant is offered a place that is conditional upon reaching a certain grade, level, or swimming ability by a certain date.
  4.  The applicant will be declined admission if we feel that we cannot meet the needs of the applicant and/or the applicant is not a good fit for A+ World Academy.

In all cases, we will send you our decision by email. 

Accepting your offer

You can accept an offer by paying a non-refundable 10% deposit of the total tuition within 14 calendar days of the initial offer. If the deposit is not paid within 14 calendar days, we cannot guarantee that a place will be held.

Prepare for your journey

After you have been accepted at the school there are some practical matters that needs to be solved. Here you will find some documents that you need to fill out and return. You can fill them out electronically. The documents are:

  • A Medical Fitness Report (including blood type)
  • Swim Test Certification (200 meters non-stop followed by 20 minutes treading water)
  • A Parental Consent form that needs to be signed and notarized. This document is important for admission in to Portugal and South Africa among others.

Later in the process we will also send you a Welcome Aboard document that details practical information. Much of the same information can be found on the website here.

You will also need to book your flights to the school’s starting destination for that year, fill out course selection forms, secure necessary visas, and get the required vaccines. We will help you along the way, and send you reminders.

Norwegian students who are applying for support from Statens Lånekasse will have to fill out a P-form for the school to sign, and acquire a “forhåndstilsagn” from a counsellor at their current school.

Now it’s time to relax and get excited about the journey ahead!

Note: We will assess the student’s English level based on the short essay and the interview. It is important to note that we do accept ESL students, but their English skills must be at an intermediate to advanced level in order to meet the demands of our rigorous academic program.