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Porto: Third Week, First Port

By Terese Mork (@teresemork) | Sep 26, 2017 |

A week filled with new experiences and impressions have passed, and here is a little recap of what we have experienced:

The first week started off at sea with course Porto. We spent the days at sea having classes, watches and learning sails. Every morning at colours we were filled with excitement when the miles to go were announced. In my opinion, the day of arrival was the most exciting day yet, including the first day at the ship. The feeling when you walk on solid ground after 14 days at sea is indescribable. We were heading in to port at 10.10pm with everyone lining up on deck wearing their A+ uniform. The sight that first met us was a large flock of birds and some fishing boats. After a successful docking, we got our first shore-leave. In groups of minimum four we went out to explore the beautiful city, Porto, on our own.

Th first thing I noticed in Porto was the beautiful tiles and the stunning buildings. We decided to try out local food and ended up eating franceshina for lunch. After walking around in the streets of Porto experiencing this new culture, we tried out the metro and headed home to the ship for gangway watch. I think it is weird how, only after three weeks, this incredible ship feels like home. At dinnertime, we pinned out again and went to the river to find a place to eat. Porto is famous for their many bridges, so what better place were there to eat than by one of the bridges. Once more we experienced what Portuguese kitchen had to offer.

The next day in port we had fields studies for the first time, and we were lucky enough to be guests at the British international school in Porto. We had an introduction from their principle and then we got to know some of their students by having a competition. We got into teams of four and together with the other students we were challenged to build bridges out of pasta and marshmallows. This was a good way to get to know each other and learn about both communication and brig structure. After the winner was announced, we had the opportunity to participate in some of their classes before we left.

When we arrived back at the ship, we had shore leave and left for dinner. The last day in Porto a big food delivery arrived, and every students’ hands were needed to get everything onboard. The rest of the day was shore leave, and some of us used the opportunity to do some laundry and stock up snacks for the next days at sea.

The first days back at sea we experienced something incredibly beautiful - dolphins. There were around ten dolphins swimming next to the ship, and every student got up on deck to capture this beautiful moment.

The night watches even turned into something beautiful, we saw bioloninums plankton and some dolphins in the beautiful light of the shining moon and stars. For the first time, I got eager to wake up in the middle of the night to get on watch. The next day, on the other hand, we got to experience something not as beautiful, lice. Getting rid of these unwanted passengers became a long process; freezing hairbrushes, lice shampooing, washing sleeping bags and blankets. That night was slightly uncomfortable for some of us who were without sleeping bags and hammocks.

Experiencing our first Port with field studies and shore leave was incredible, and I know that everyone is exited for a new port with new experiences.