High School on a Ship
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Roaming in Italy

By Heidi Holter-Hovind | Dec 5, 2017 | Field Studies, Shore Leave

Helping with the docking of the ship, I held a fender at our new port in yet a new country. We had arrived in Civitavecchia, Italy. A small seaside town that lies about an hour from Rome by train. The first day of arrival, I had decided to stay on ship so that I could finish work and relax throughout my stay. It would also mean that I wouldn’t have too much work to catch up on with our next sail.

That night, half of the school were sent to hotels, as a treat and because it was so far for the students to travel. Back on ship the students had rearranged their sleeping quarters, students who normally were in hammocks now had the chance to sleep in bunks and vice versa.  

The next day, I left the ship, mind set to explore the great city of Rome. Entering the Vatican City, viewing the Trevi Fountain, the Pantheon and having a glance at the Coliseum and it’s magnificence. After a marvellous day in the city we decided that it was time to find our hotels and some dinner. As the hotels were divided into watches, my watch (watch group 3) had decided that pizza, bread rolls and cheese would be a classic roman dinner. We slept a record time of 10 hours, which would be impossible had we been on the ship where the average time sleeping is at about 6 hours a night. The following day we met up with the rest of the students and started our field studies, a guided tour of the Coliseum and the Roman Forum. Two amazing historical places. 

The following day we had yet another field study, one that which both surprised me and interested me, and it took place on ship. We had a group of Peruvian people who were chefs, dancers and artists come and teach us about the culture of Peru. The chef first told us about the typical Peruvian ingredients, such as potatoes, corn and quinoa. All of the ingredients which she presented to us would then be used in a delicious meal served for dinner. In between this time, they presented music and musical instruments to us, which we were later allowed to try, as they were quite unique. One of which was a jaw of a donkey. The night ended with music and laughter, as they played on last concert for us.

The last day in Rome we had an organized activity, a sort of orienteering around the city with its highlighted architecture as its points of interest. We spent a good two hours wandering the city, crossing off our destinations. Most of which we had already been at on the previous days. Though it was very nice, just talking and having fun with the watch was the nicest as we stopped for gelato, photos and jokes. On our way home to the ship, the students that I was traveling with managed to miss our stop on the train which didn’t stop before another fifteen minutes. To top that of the next train that would stop at our ship would not leave before another hour. So, we decided to make the best out of our situation. We had food, water, candy and computers with movies on. As we were stranded we decided to watch The Martian. Ironic much. We turned what could easily have been a negative experience into one of my more cherishable memories from Rome.