High School on a Ship
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Parent port in Tenerife

By Grayson Capener Crane | Apr 3, 2018 |

Tenerife, everyone was anxiously awaiting our first parent port, and we watched the people waving at us from the key as we slowly drifted in.

Once we were in and cleared by immigration people had the opportunity to go out for the evening with their parents before we were released the next day. My mother came the next day so I spent the day harbor stowing the head sails and visiting the other school ship right next to us, Wylde Swan from the Netherlands.

The next morning everyone had packed bags and were ready to go out to our hotel rooms, take showers and eat lots and lots of food. Most of us enjoyed the time with our parents during the day and at night, met up with our friends to explore Tenerife, be in groups less than four and stay out later than 10 p.m. which was a nice privilege. Those of us that stayed close to the port enjoyed the botanical garden near our hotel and the small cafes around the area. The first morning I went out for coffee and breakfast with my mom since we both slept in a little bit too late for the hotel breakfast. I got to tell her about all of my experiences and everything that we’d been through in the last three months. I went out to dinner a few nights with friends and their parents and our parents talked while we joked around as usual, it was funny that we were able to be out and free in the port but we all chose to be with each other anyways.

We really are a family anyways. In the end though we had to return back to the shop and our parents had to go back home. And we prepared for another three month of hard work, before the next parent port. All in all we each had our own experiences in Tenerife but we got a small vacation from our “regular” lives and we are always very thankful for those small moments.