High School on a Ship
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By Kasper Stefanussen | Sep 23, 2017 | Shipboard Life

This week has been a challenging week, to say the least. Adjusting to academic life at sea, being held up by bad weather and water conservation was just the beginning.

We started the week by being anchored at Torquay Bay, to wait out two storms. In the bay, many took advantage of the opportunity to recover in some calmer waters after a rough first leg. Academic life went on as usual and even the teachers were busy as bees with classes, sleeping, grading and more sleeping.

While anchored, we were informed that our water reserves were at a critically low level, and that we had to put in place one of the strictest regulations the captain had ever implemented on the ship. This meant no laundry, no showers and even minimized flushing of toilets. This was a new lesson for the students. Luckily, we learnt from our mistakes and left Torquay with some tonnes of water to spare. Now we were once again moving towards Porto

For most of us, the reality of shipboard life is starting to settle in. There are a lot of struggles with balancing school, watches, sleep and a social life aboard. The students are also already learning some tips and tricks for surviving on Sørlandet: do not draw on the walls in the toilet stalls, Anne does not have time to repeat herself so do not ask her to and do not share a blanket. Nevertheless, the students are managing and are excited to reap the rewards of their effort in Porto.