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Beautiful Bahamas

By Grayson Capener Crane | Apr 3, 2018 | Field Studies, Shore Leave, Students

We arrived in the port of Nassau on March 20th, it had been a surprise port until Miami, and we were all very excited to go visit the world famous beaches, resorts and Caribbean food.

We have already spent months in the Caribbean and seen a lot here, but it is always a treat to sail on crystal blue water and come into a port painted colorfully. There were cruise ships on either side of us that would come and go every day, so the water was sometimes rocky because we were up against the key, but it was nothing compared to Mexico. We had shore leave for a few hours on arrival day, two half days of shore leave after a half a day of school and one full day of shore-leave before we left on the 24th. During that time, people went to the beach, and explored the town, including the local pirate museum which featured a replica of a tall ship from the 17th century, and an english port scene. We ate lots of ice cream and conch, and hamburgers, as the Bahamian culture blended with western american culture, to support tourism which is the countries biggest source of income.

The most exciting experience I had in the Bahamas was a trip that I took with some friends to the clifton heritage national park. it is a park that features two activities, either, a hiking tour of the natural plants and animals or a snorkeling tour of their sculpture garden and coral reefs, we chose to snorkel, they picked us up in Nassau and took us to the other side of the island, (which was only 45 minutes away). We registered and our local guide MacDonnell took us first to see the underwater atlas, a 16ft,( 4.5 meters ) statue of a woman sitting and looking sideways up at the light from land, and holding up the ocean with one hand, it was absolutely incredible to see along the way there was also the cockpit of a sunken plane, a statue of a man pleading for kindness to the ocean for future generations, we saw all kinds of fish and coral and then swam back to the beach where a bus took us to a private beach where they brought us lunch and then took us back after 2 hours of free time, Bahamas was a nice vacation from our vacation, and we enjoyed the break from working to rest up and relax before we begin our journey home.