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Bonifacio, a port worth visiting!

By Jon Buckner | Oct 29, 2017 | Field Studies, Shore Leave

Bonifacio was an amazing port! The first thing we saw when we were sailing in towards Bonifacio, was a huge castle-like city on top off steep white cliffs. That was the old city and it spread itself on the foremost tip of the cliffs standing out from everything else. The city itself is full of narrow streets and a wonderful view all over. The port was different from the other ports we have been to because it was much smaller and we therefore we had a much more focus on trips and exploring, not only the city but also everything around it.

On our arrival day, we went on a trip alongside the cliffs and down to the ocean and took a swim in one of the many caves, the water was crystal clear. Afterwards we watched the sun go down and walked back to the city in the twilight. At night, the city is lightened up in a strong pink colour, which was beautiful.

The next day was field studies! The field studies were a hike outside of the city. We divided us into two groups and walked in different directions. The group I was in walked a nice hike up over a hill and down to a nice bay with a beach in the end. It was an exciting and different field study. On the beach, we enjoyed a lunch before heading back to the ship and had shore leave the rest of the day. It was really nice seeing the other side of the city too. 

On the third and last day in port we had extended shore leave, so we could do whatever we wanted the whole day. Many of us went for a new hike in the other direction than the previous day. We followed the cliffs to an old lighthouse with lots of caves and steep hills, the place was quite spectacular. Since the wind had started to get stronger, we didn’t stay there for a long time, we rather went back again and into the old city and saw what it had to offer. This way we saw everything Bonifacio had to offer, and it was really beautiful. 

Bonifacio was a port I didn’t have that many expectations of, I looked at it more as a stop on our way to Rome. But it was a really nice port with a lot of different things to see and experience. We went for hikes every day, but we still had time to see the city too because it was small enough to see everything. The old city was also really nice, together with the nature around it. So, from being a stop on our way to Rome, Bonifacio had become the best port so far and definitely a port worth visiting!