High School on a Ship
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By Linn Skrettingland Johansen | Apr 25, 2018 |

The port of Havana, Cuba was one of the ports that I had been looking the most forward to visiting form the beginning of our journey on Sørlandet. We arrived in Cuba the 1stof March and stayed there for almost a week. This was just enough time to explore and get to know the city of Havana quite well. We had a lot of shoreleave, where we went walking around in the streets and experienced a lot of different things.

The streets of Havana were very colorful and lively, and were quite different from the other destination we have visited so far. We were mostly in the old part of the city. Here the streets were full of old buildings of a wide color specter. We got to practice our Spanish skills with the many eager people walking in the streets. The ice cream shop and the churros- hut were also frequently visited by most of us A+ students. 

In addition to the spare time we had in shore, we also went on several field studies. Such as museums and guided tours. The first couple of days all of us drove around in a bus, with a guide telling us about the area and the history of Cuba in general. We went to visit the rom- and chocolate factory, the Cuban national museum of arts and the Cuban revolution museum. I enjoyed all of these, and it was fun to do something that I might not have done on my own. 

Something that we noticed while staying in Havana, was the lack of advertisement in the streets. There were almost no advertisement by the many stores that were located there. At nighttime when everything were closed, you could almost not have imagined that this were a busy shopping street only some hours earlier. 

One big tourist attraction in Cuba is the many old cars that drives around by the many town squares in the city. Some of us drove around in old cabriolet taxies to see the city by car. While advertisement for products and shops were not common in Cuba, political ads were. Around every corner we saw posters and pictures of political content. This was something that surprised me and was quite different from other places that we have visited so far. People were cheerful, smiling and happy, who contributed to that this port was the one of the best ones so far.