High School on a Ship
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Parent Port Miami

By Kasper Gjennestad Stefanussen | Apr 18, 2018 | Field Studies, Parent Port, Students

We arrived in the port of Miami the 11th of March to be met by a horde of waiting parents and family.

The long sail into the dock seemed to last forever and students were re-living emotional moments from our last parent port, Tenerife. Upon arriving, we, impatient students, had to finish our day of school before we could get off the ship and leap into the longing arms of our parents. However, it was not until the next day that we could be signed off and leave the ship for some days, in favor of a long, warm shower and a large, soft and immovable bed. Everyone spent their time differently. Some headed to Key West, some to Fort Lauderdale, David even stayed in Cuba, but everyone enjoyed some time off. Meanwhile on the ship, teachers were preparing for the parent-teacher conferences. Students received admiring, inspiring and some harsh words from their teachers, but everyone left refreshed and energized for harder efforts in the last few months of school. Upon returning to the ship, everyone was excited to see each other again and share their recent experiences. Excitement spread as we were told we were setting sail for a brand new port: Nassau, Bahamas.