High School on a Ship
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Our students are based on a unique campus that sails around the world. Take a tour and see the campus for yourself.



The banjer is the ship’s main room and located mid-ship. This is where the students sleep (majority in hammocks), have their classes and eat their meals. The banjer is divided into separate parts for the girls and the boys. The banjer is flanked by a pantry in the fore, and nooks in the aft.

Hammock tip for students: Keep your hammock tight. 

The Captain’s Saloon

The ‘saloon’ is the Captain’s dining room. 


There are two landry machines and two dryers in the lower aft ship. Students are assigned a laundry day once per week, although this may be interrupted by heavy rolling or low levels of fresh water. We therefore encourage all students to do their laundry at laundromats ashore when possible.


Pronounced ‘focsle’, is the forward deck on the ship and where the heads and showers are located.

Forward heads(Student toilets and showers)

Located under the forecastle, there are six showers and six bathrooms. There is a female locker room with a mirror, three sinks and three showers with the same on the male side. Prepare yourself for shorter and less frequent showering compared to home, since a reduced water consumption is essential at sea. 


The galley is the kitchen of the ship. It is located between the main deck and the forecastle.


The hospital is located in the aft ship, and holds a bunk bed for students who are sick. It is also the office of our medic and where medication is kept under lock.


The nooks in the aft is where our smaller classes take place. They are also used for individual studies, club meetings, social gatherings etc.


There are two pantries onboard. The student’s pantry is located in the fore part of the banjer. This is where students meals are served from. There is also a crew pantry located in the aft ship, where food for the crew and faculty is served from.