A+ World Academy


Our students follow a rigorous academic program based on a selection of Advanced Placement courses. Care is taken to ensure that students' course selection aligns with their career and academic goals. Students are responsible for ensuring that their course selection aligns with their graduation requirements. Due to the rigors of our program, it is not recommended that students take more than 3 AP courses. The instruction on ship is similar to any other school and includes direct instruction, guided practice, independent practice, and assessments. All instruction occurs on the ship - at sea and in port - while sailing from one destination to the next or while waiting for customs & immigration in port. A fully certified staff of six international teachers lead, guide, and support our students around the clock throughout the year.


Students will need to balance their ship duties with their school life.  This is a difficult lesson in time-management and students will experience days of only having 1 or 2 ours of 'free time'.  It is not recommended that they take 6 courses due to their mariner duties.  Student course selection should be based on graduation requirements and future university and career goals. All students need to take English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Sail training, and Systems, Self and Society (“S3”).  If you’d like to read more about the content of each class, you will find full description on our curriculum page.  Our course offerings do change each year as faculty changes. Class availability is subject to change according to student need and teacher certification; however, all subject areas will offer at least 3 choices per year.  Lastly, if you take an Advanced Placement class, we expect that you sit the AP examination.

Typically, we offer the following classes:


  • English 12
  • Literature of the World
  • Academic Writing
  • AP English Language & Composition 
  • Spanish (Level 1 or 2 plus AP)
  • Mandarin 


  • Algebra II
  • Business Math
  • Pre-Calculus
  • AP Calculus


  • Biology (Level 1 or Advanced Placement)
  • Chemistry (Level 1 or Advanced Placement) 
  • Physics (Level 1 or Advanced Placement) 

Social Sciences

  • Comparative Government and Politics (Level 1 or Advanced Placement) 
  • Economics(Advanced Placement)
  • World History (Level 1 or Advanced Placement)
  • AP Human Geography


  • S3: Systems, Self & Society
  • Sailtraining & Physical Education
  • Planning & Preparing for University